How to choose the best electronic signature tool for your business?

As businesses increasingly embrace the digital era, electronic signature tools have become pivotal in modern workflows. However, finding the best e-signature tool for your company can be a real challenge. From Docusign, Adobe, Yousign, Universign, Hellosign to Signaturit and PandaDoc, the market offers many options. In one of our earlier articles, we delved into "The Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature Tool in Businesses." In this piece, we'll explore the key factors to consider when selecting an electronic signature tool tailored to your needs.

Identify your requirements

Before embarking on your search, it's crucial to identify your company's needs regarding electronic signatures. Start by asking: How many documents do you need to sign per day/week/month? What level of security is necessary for your operations? Do you require integration with other systems or applications? Are pre-drafted text templates needed for recurring themes? Answering these queries helps pinpoint solutions tailored to your business. There are four types of electronic signatures: advanced electronic signatures, qualified electronic signatures, digital signatures, and dematerialized handwritten signatures. Data security and legal recognition levels differ, so determining which one best suits your needs is crucial. Metaforma's solution encompasses all four signature types to cater to diverse user requirements.

Time-saving and efficient

By eliminating the tedious steps of traditional paper-based signatures, Using an electronic signature tool allows you and your team to reclaim valuable time. Signatories can affix their signatures within seconds without the need to physically travel or print documents. A contract can now be concluded in less than 5 minutes, significantly enhancing your company's responsiveness. Moreover, electronic signatures minimize the risk of errors, such as overlooked signatures or improperly filled-out documents. The efficiency gains that result from using such a tool contribute to time savings, smoother workflow, and error-free operation within your company.

Safety and Compliance

Security is a critical concern when selecting an electronic signature tool. Ensure that the tool you're considering adheres to industry security standards and current regulations, such as the eIDAS Regulation for the European Union. Check the encryption protocols, data retention policies, and authentication levels to check the protection of documents and sensitive information.

Ease of use

The electronic signature tool should be straightforward and intuitive for all users, employees of your training organization, or learners. Opt for a solution that offers a user-friendly interface and clear signing steps. Avoid complex tools that might lead to signing errors or take a long time to learn. It could discourage a client from signing, which would be unfortunate! Your employees must be able to adapt and use the tool with ease. If the tool is complicated, it can add unnecessary friction to their workflow and create inefficiencies.

Integration with other systems

If your business already utilizes other systems or applications for document management and workflow, ensuring that the chosen electronic signature tool integrates seamlessly with these systems is crucial. Integration facilitates a smooth transition to the new tool without disrupting your processes. You can also use our all-in-one platform, Metaforma, for free to consolidate all your tools into one place and avoid switching between different software.

Mobile user experience

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, ensuring that the electronic signature tool you choose is compatible with these devices is crucial. This compatibility allows signatories to sign documents on the go, from anywhere, and at any time, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the signing process. If learners have difficulty signing their contracts online, it might discourage them from engaging with your training organization or using your website. The solution offered by Metaforma also works on mobile devices.

Price and value

Consider the following information: Compare the pricing of various electronic signature solutions, but don't solely focus on the cost. Analyze the value of each solution in terms of features, customer support, security, user-friendliness, ease of use, and more. Select a solution that provides a good value proposition, balancing quality and price while optimally meeting your business needs.

Secure data archiving

Document archiving stands as a crucial step in effective business management. Safeguarding documents securely and in an organized manner is imperative for compliance with current regulations and ensuring swift access to information when needed. Electronic signature tools offer automated document archiving features for signed documents. Once a document is electronically signed, it is stored securely in a dedicated storage system. This approach mitigates the risks of data loss or degradation associated with physical documents, ensuring their long-term integrity. The electronic archiving system safeguards your documents, streamlines document management, and enhances compliance with prevailing regulations. Quick retrieval of documents further through efficient search filters. With electronic archiving, you can maintain the security of your decampments while optimizing document management and regulatory compliance.

Customer support

Consider the following information: Customer support is essential for any business utilizing a new tool. Ensure that the software you choose offers responsive and reliable customer service. It will allow you to solve any problem or doubt arising while using the tool. Professional in education, coaching, or training, responsiveness is key; getting stuck on a tool-related problem cannot hinder your workflow. Metaforma provides dedicated support. When you have a question, our team will swiftly address your inquiries through an integrated chat feature.


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Choosing the best electronic signature tool for your business is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your process efficiency and document security.

By clearly identifying your needs, seeking compliance and security, and prioritizing ease of use and integration, you can choose a solution that enhances your daily workflow and allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of electronic signatures. Take the time to compare different options available in the market and opt for a solution that best aligns with your company and its long-term objectives. Among the many tools available on our Metaforma application, we offer an electronic signature tool. Come and test it for free right now! Now, you have wadgets to choose the best electronic signature tool for your training organization, website, and more. Don't hesitate to check out our customer reviews on our website.