Virtual Classroom


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Advantages of a virtual classroom solution

  Virtual classrooms offer some advantages over traditional classroom-based learning:


Virtual classroom tools enable learners to follow courses at a distance. Allows them to adapt to their schedule and their place of residence. With virtual classrooms, distance is no longer an obstacle to learning. Courses can taken from anywhere. A critical aspect for a training organization like yours as it expands the reach to a more extensive pool of potential learners, regardless of their location, whether within the city or the country where your organization is based.

Real-time interaction:


Virtual classroom tools empower learners to attend courses regardless of geographical limitations or health issues that limit physical travel. Individuals should prioritize their health and remain at home. The benefit of a virtual classroom solution is that even from the comfort of their own space.

Saving time and money:

Virtual classroom tools save learners and trainers time and money by eliminating the need for physical travel. There's no need to rent a venue to comply with strict safety regulations. A virtual classroom costs next to nothing to maintain. All you have to pay is the cost of the tool.

Session recording:

Virtual classroom tools empower learners to review recorded course sessions, a feature often absent in traditional face-to-face courses. In physical classes, once the lesson concludes, learners are limited to their notes and materials recommended during the session. However, virtual classroom software enables session recording, allowing participants to access the videos afterward. This capability preserves past sessions but also facilitates delivering value to new students.

Document sharing:

Virtual classroom tools enable learners and trainers to share and display documents on-screen in real-time, facilitating learning and interactivity during the session., a whiteboard to share drawings or diagrams.

Learning monitoring:

Virtual classroom tools enable trainers to monitor learners' progress, informing them of skills acquired and those still requiring effort. This option is taken a step further with the MetaForma platform, which can even track progress in real-time and send emails or SMS messages to reduce the drop-out rate.


Virtual classroom tools enable trainers to tailor courses to students, using appropriate pedagogical tools. Virtual classroom courses allow the trainer to emphasize video or audio formats to deliver content. Virtual classrooms offer a wealth of benefits for both learners and organizations. They are flexible, accessible, personalized, and engaging, making them a valuable tool for achieving educational goals.


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