Accounting software

Today, whether you are an educational institution, trainer, coach, or therapist, robust accounting management software is a must. From individual transactions to billing processing and financial reporting, maintaining accurate accounting is critical to the ongoing success of your business. This is where MetaForma's accounting software comes in, a comprehensive solution designed to automate and centralize your financial management tasks.Our software is tailor-made for you. Explore how automation, data centralization, and streamlined accounting processes can significantly contribute to your company's growth. Welcome to the future of accounting for education professionals.

What is accounting software?

Accounting management depends on the ability to export essential accounting entries to software or an accounting professional on hand. This streamlines collaboration and enables quick and easy sharing of the accounting exports needed to manage finances effectively.Quickly retrieving invoices, tracking their payment progress, and exporting all these items to a file in the format you choose from those provided becomes a seamless task. Thus, you can export your sales journal with just a few clicks.

Why use accounting software?

Manual transaction entry becomes a thing of the past. Metaforma integrates automatic import features for financial movements, ensuring your information is always up-to-date.
Create professional invoices in minutes, customize them, and promptly dispatch these documents to clients—no more hassle in invoicing.
Accept online payments securely and easily. Metaforma integrates with reliable payment gateways, facilitating the streamlined management of your course payments. In addition, export unpaid invoices in the format of your choice (e.g. Excel file) to streamline follow-up and filtering by date.
Monitor financial movements and ensure bank accounts align with accounting records through our automated reconciliation feature.
Our software offers functionalities to generate accounting reports and conduct financial analyses for optimized accounting.
Access relevant information swiftly with Metaforma's array of preconfigured financial reports. From balance sheets to income statements, VAT reports, and cash flow statements, these exports can be generated with a single click, saving you precious time.
Each training organization has specific reporting needs. With our accounting export, enjoy the flexibility to customize reports to mirror your unique requirements: apply filters, add or remove columns, and craft tailored reports to analyze the relevant financial aspects of your business.
Our financial dashboards provide an overview of your financial data in real-time. Track key financial performance indicators (KPIs) such as available cash, generated revenues, expenses, and more, simplifying operational management.
Analyzing profitability is crucial to discern the most lucrative courses and those needing improvement. Our accounting export allows you to assess the profitability of each course, considering associated costs, generated revenues, and margins achieved.
Accurate expense tracking is pivotal for maintaining healthy finances. Monitor all expenses in real time or search by date using our detailed accounting export. From overhead costs to specific training expenses, you can allocate expenses to projects or courses for enhanced visibility.
Metaforma simplifies financial forecasting and budgeting. Set financial goals, track performance against these objectives, and make adjustments on the go for optimal financial management.

Security and compliance

The financial information, safety, and compliance are pivotal aspects that must be impeccable, as the consequences could be severe. At Metaforma, we recognize the importance of these aspects and offer advanced functionalities to ensure the security and compliance of your finances.<br />Since January 1, 2018, entities subject to VAT that record customer payments using accounting software must use compliant software meeting specific conditions. These conditions include data immutability, security, data retention, and archiving for tax authority inspections. Our Metaforma accounting export software complies with these requirements.


the future of training finally in your hands


Maintaining strong financial management and meeting the standards required by tax authorities is a fundamental obligation for any business. Accounting is essential for a training organization to function and last over time.

Our accounting software offers a complete set of functions to automate, track, and optimize your finances. From the sale of your courses to the analysis of your accounting exports through the export of sales journals and the generation of invoices. The time savings will be considerable.
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