8 benefits of using an electronic signature tool in businesses

Companies seek solutions to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. If you are an educational institution, you have experienced this change. One service that perfectly meets this need is electronic signature tools, also known as "e-signatures." Gradually replacing traditional handwritten signatures, e-signatures offer numerous advantages to businesses across various sectors. It's a significant leap forward in today's landscape. You might think, "Yet another new software!" However, Metaforma is an all-in-one platform with all the necessary software, including e-signature capabilities.

Simplification of administrative processes

The primary benefit of using this tool is the streamlining of administrative processes. Gone are the days of lengthy printing sessions, manual signatures, scanning, and email dispatches. With electronic signatures, documents can be signed online within a few clicks directly from any internet-connected device. It significantly reduces document processing times and speeds up validation and approval cycles. The signer or learner receives an email with a clickable link; they sign, and you receive an email notification. It's simple, fast, and efficient.

Time-saving and efficient

Using an electronic signature tool eliminates the tedious steps of the paper-based signing process, allowing you and your collaborators to save valuable time. Signatories can affix their signature within seconds without physical presence or document printing. A contract can be finalized in less than 5 minutes, increasing your company's responsiveness. Moreover, electronic signatures decrease the risk of errors, such as missing signatures or improperly completed documents.

Legal security and validity

The advantages of electronic signatures lie in ensuring document integrity, verifying the signer's identity, and providing evidence of consent. Document security holds paramount importance in the business world. Electronic signature tools employ advanced security protocols to ensure document integrity and information confidentiality. It is legally recognized in many countries thanks to laws and regulations governing its use. Therefore, you can be sure that electronically signed documents have the same legal value as those signed by hand. The level of security offered by electronic signatures is, therefore, on par with handwritten signatures.

Software accessibility and flexibility

The accessibility of electronic signatures is one of the advantages, as they can use them on any device with an Internet connection, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It allows signatories to participate in signing processes remotely and at any time, making it especially beneficial in remote work situations or frequent journeys.

Signature tracking and traceability

The electronic signature tools offer a tracking and traceability feature, which allows you to know who signed a document and when. This functionality proves highly useful for tracking business transactions, monitoring contract progress, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The tool keeps a list of unsigned contracts. In case of a dispute, signature tracking provides evidence of document validation.

Cost savings

Using an electronic signature tool can be a cost saver for your company. In addition, reducing document processing time and streamlining administrative processes improves operational efficiency, thereby reducing overall administrative costs.

An environmentally-friendly solution

In addition to financial savings, utilizing electronic signatures aligns with a responsible and eco-friendly approach. By significantly reducing paper consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with printing and transporting documents, you can contribute to environmental preservation. This initiative also aligns with sustainable development values and corporate social responsibility.

Secure data archiving

The archiving of documents stands as a crucial step in managing your operations. Securely storing and organizing documents is essential for compliance with current regulations and swift access to information. Electronic signature tools offer automatic archiving features for signed documents. Once a document is electronically signed, it’s stored securely in a storage system. It helps mitigate risks of data loss or deterioration of paper documents, ensuring their long-term integrity. Moreover, quick retrieval is easy through search filters. With electronic archiving, you can securely retain documents while optimizing document management and compliance with prevailing regulations.


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Using an electronic signature tool offers numerous advantages, serving as a hallmark of quality to your clients.

By adopting electronic signatures, you streamline operations, accelerate validation cycles, and provide a smoother experience for your team and learners. With the increasing acknowledgment of the legal validity of electronic signatures, this technology plays an essential role in business digitization. This digital tool is one of the solutions Metaforma provides to assist you in better managing your workflow. If you're interested in learning "How to integrate an electronic signature tool into your daily workflow", we strongly encourage you to read our article. Try Metaforma's all-in-one tool today, free of charge, to explore the electronic signature feature.