How to choose the right training management software for your company?

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When managing a training organization or seeking to expand one's online training activities, a critical question arises: which training management software is the right choice for your company? How do you make that choice? What functionalities and criteria are non-negotiable? What solutions currently exist in the market?
We aim to address all these questions and more in today's article. 

What are the functionalities of good training management software?

In the era of the knowledge economy, developing the skills of your workforce has become an upturn concern for many companies. Advancing your team's skills ensures staying current within your industry and boosting revenue. It's no surprise that numerous organizations are seeking to train their employees.
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The question at hand revolves around software choice. Let's explore together the essential functionalities of good training management software:

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Creation of interactive e-learning courses

The primary expected feature of training management software is undoubtedly the ability to create interactive online courses. The tool you choose should enable hosting all your educational materials.
Whether you prefer to use videos, audio files, slideshows, or articles, the tool should allow you to create your training content ergonomically and swiftly.
A comprehensive tool also empowers you to structure your course. How many modules will you create? How many pages will each module contain? Will you include quizzes to validate each module? The choice is yours. A good training management software should offer you the maximum possible freedom to design your courses.


Registration management, automated onboarding process, electronic signature

The next significant aspect is registration management and automating the onboarding process with electronic signature capabilities. As a training organization, your aim is undoubtedly to maximize registrations. That's why efficient training management software should streamline this process for learners and administrators.
At MetaForma, for instance, emphasis is placed on automation. Tasks that are considered burdensome should be managed automatically.
Gone are the days of wasting time on administrative document dispatch or chasing after signatures on critical papers. With robust training management software, your organization transitions into the digital era. Enrolling a new learner becomes effortless because MetaForma prioritizes automating as many tasks as possible.

Tracking tools

Including quality resources for your learners isn't sufficient to ensure the acquisition of their skills. That's why your training management software must integrate tracking tools.
With MetaForma, tracking your students' progress at a glance becomes possible. But that's not all—you'll also automate email and SMS reminders, reducing the risk of disengagement as much as possible.

Communication tools for trainers and students

The communication aspect should be a significant feature in good training management software. With MetaForma, creating a link with your learners and centralizing most of the recurring questions about your courses becomes possible.
Learners can initiate discussions in safe spaces, seek help, and allow trainers to engage in specific discussions or pose challenges in their learning journey to drive progress.


Certification system to validate skills acquired during training

The certification system to validate acquired skills during training is a pivotal aspect for learners. When one of your students completes their training program, it marks a significant milestone. They've spent countless hours absorbing resources, testing their knowledge, and acquiring new insights. It's now time to assess and validate their skills.
MetaForma incorporates the capability to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of your learners.

Online payment system to manage financial transactions

An educational institution needs to manage financial transactions online. Creating functional sales pages and payment forms should be straightforward. Additionally, configuring VAT and generating discount coupons for promotional offers are essential functionalities for an effective system.


Marketing tools to promote training courses to potential students

The term 'marketing' might seem daunting to beginners. However, if you want training institutions to stand out, marketing efforts are essential to attract new clients regularly. Reliable training management software should offer tailored marketing tools for your market, enabling you to grow your online business. It involves scaling a business. In terms of advertising, MetaForma allows you to track the source of your leads to evaluate the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns.
MetaForma is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that manages various business processes (accounting, finance, HR, among others). Its purpose is to centralize and synchronize your company's data to enhance decision-making and productivity. While widely popular among SMEs, note that a quality ERP suits your needs.

How can a training tracking tool improve your company's efficiency?

A training tracking tool can enhance your company's efficiency in several ways:
Planning and Organization: It aids in creating, organizing, and scheduling training sessions. It tracks learners' progress, ensuring they meet specified deadlines.Assessment and Adaptation: These tools often feature exams and quizzes to evaluate learners' understanding. This insight helps gauge information absorption, allowing for course adjustments based on their performance.Enhanced Training Quality: Through closer monitoring and more effective assessment methods, training evaluation tools contribute to improving the overall quality of training sessions.
To wrap up this blog article, it's evident that choosing the right training management software for your company is pivotal for your professional success. It's as crucial as selecting the right vehicle before entering an automobile race.
Select a tool that enables interactive online course creation, streamlining registrations, and simplifying administrative tasks. Great training software prioritizes user experience, ensuring learners engage with your programs.
Ensure the functionalities allow for comprehensive learner tracking and emphasize effective communication.Now is the time to take the plunge and experience MetaForma's comprehensive training management software with a free trial. It's the best way to explore its full range of features, uncover unique management or marketing tips, and compare MetaForma against other solutions in the market. 


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