Digiforma vs. Metaforma: Choosing the ideal software for training companies

When selecting a platform to manage training activities, the market offers a variety of options, each with unique solutions and perspectives. In this article, we'll compare the platforms Digiforma and Metaforma. Both offer distinct sets of solutions for training professionals, but which one best suits your needs? We'll delve into the similarities and differences between these two environments to help you form your opinion and make an informed decision. Let's dive in!

Administrative management

Both platforms share a high degree of similarity, with Digiforma offering some tools as optional extras. Let's take a closer look: Administrative tracking lies at the heart of any professional training enterprise, and both platforms simplify this complex task. They enable you to oversee all aspects of your business, from document management to training evaluations. Document management is a crucial solution. The volume of documents for training professionals can rapidly accumulate. Both platforms allow you to store, organize, and manage all your documents in a single digital space. Additionally, you can automate the document management process. Assessment is a significant element in the continual improvement of your training programs. With Metaforma and Digiforma, you can design and distribute personalized training assessments to measure learners' performances and skills, pinpointing areas that require improvement. The EDOF export (Inputs, Durations, Objectives, Training) is crucial for professional training providers as it enables the generation of reports conforming to regulatory standards. Both platforms automate the extraction of required data, ensuring your training is formatted correctly and efficiently uploaded to the EDOF platform. This functionality is optional in Digiforma. Generating diplomas and micro-certifications is offered by both environments. You can create and customize them with a few clicks, swiftly recognizing training accomplishments. Users can easily share these certifications on their social networks. This functionality is also optional in Digiforma. In France, Pedagogical and Financial Assessment is a legal requirement for professional training organizations. Both platforms offer valuable assistance (BFP Guide) in creating this mandatory annual report, ensuring compliance with regulations, and aiding continuous improvement in your teaching quality, fostering ongoing growth. Metaforma also offers a CPF guide to assist in obtaining Qualiopi certification, enabling you to offer up your training via the Personal Training Account. Lastly, electronic signature software is a powerful tool to ensure significant documents. Its benefits are likely familiar to you.

Administrative follow-up and document management

From establishing your training plan to storing administrative documents in a secure online space and individually reaching out to each learner through automated SMS notifications, Metaforma encompasses all the necessary functions for effective monitoring and close engagement with your learners. Document management is integral, including document digitalization, simplified document identification, efficient document sharing, workflow optimization, security measures, and document recording and archiving.

Sales management

In this category, there are several similarities but also a few differences. Let's take a closer look: Quotation creation stands as a crucial step for any professional training organization. Both platforms allow you to generate quotes swiftly and efficiently tailored to the needs of potential clients. It streamlines the prospecting stage, enhancing your credibility. Sales funnels are powerful tools to guide prospects throughout the purchase process. Metaforma enables you to design and customize these funnels, ensuring prospects receive relevant information at the right time, potentially boosting conversion rates. Digiforma does not offer this feature. Invoicing solution is essential for effective financial management. Metaforma allows you to automate the invoicing process, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors. You can also customize invoices to align with your brand image. This feature is not available in Digiforma. Metaforma makes accounting management much more efficient. You can track all financial transactions, obtain detailed reports on income and expenses, and maintain complete control over your finances. Digiforma offers accounting export to export all your invoices to another tool, allowing you to swiftly and efficiently extract relevant documents for your accounting needs and facilitating the creation of precise financial reports. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a major asset for client relationship management. It is a significant sales tool, enabling you to track each customer interaction, understand their purchase history, and plan the next steps in your relationship. It allows for personalized approaches and improved customer satisfaction. Both platforms offer this solution. Online catalog or E-commerce functionality (Digiforma and Metaforma) enables you to showcase your training offers attractively. Both environments allow you to create a personalized catalog, where potential clients can browse your offers and easily register for those that interest them. Finally, online payment is a significant feature for customer convenience, integrated into both platforms. Digiforma offers this as an optional solution.

Remote training

The integrated E-learning platform, LMS (Learning Management System), is a cornerstone for any online training enterprise. Both platforms offer a comprehensive LMS platform enabling you to create, manage, and distribute courses efficiently. You can design interactive training modules, track student progress, and assess their performance. Blended learning, a modern pedagogical approach combining remote and in-person learning, is supported by both platforms. Through the learner/trainer portal, students can review their progress, access content, and interact with trainers for guidance, among other benefits. Trainers can monitor student performance, assign tasks, and offer individualized support. This portal enhances students' skill refinement. Both platforms provide this feature. Both sites offer virtual classroom functionality. It allows real-time teaching and student interaction using video and chat, making live sessions seamless and appealing to your clients. The SCORM player (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is crucial for integrating external content into your courses. Metaforma and Digiforma include this feature, allowing the incorporation of SCORM-compliant learning modules, whether videos or other content. The activities and assignments feature allows students to practice what they've learned. They can submit assignments or projects directly on the platform and grade them manually. Digiforma offers this option exclusively. The discussion forum is a time for students and trainers to exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss various topics. It fosters engagement and creates a collaborative learning community. Digiforma exclusively offers the option to create specific discussion groups if needed.

Digital signature

The dematerialized attendance sheet stands as a valuable asset. It enables easy tracking of participation rates, records live session attendance, and help monitor your students' engagement. Both Metaforma and Digiforma include this feature. Traffic analysis is essential for understanding how your clients interact with your training platform. Metaforma offers analytical tools that track usage trends, identify popular content, and measure the effectiveness of your courses. Creating a website is another advantage offered by Metaforma. You can craft a professional website using existing templates, expanding your online presence, attracting new clients, and strengthening your brand image. Lastly, Metaforma provides free migration from your current platform. You can seamlessly transfer your data, courses, and members to Metaforma without hassle or additional fees. This smooth transition ensures you can quickly leverage all our features and enhance the quality of your teaching experience.


Digiforma doesn't offer any marketing software. The services we'll discuss are exclusive to Metaforma. Marketing Automation enables you to save time and maximize the impact of your actions. With Metaforma, you can automate tasks like sending follow-up emails to prospects, managing course registrations, and tracking member interactions. It allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns and engage your audience effectively. A/B testing is crucial for optimizing your marketing strategies. Metaforma allows you to test different versions of landing pages, marketing emails, and advertisements to determine what works best. Email marketing remains one of the most effective means to communicate with your clients. Metaforma integrates email tools that enable you to create targeted campaigns, track open and click rates, and deliver relevant content. An affiliate program is a strategy to expand your audience. Metaforma offers the ability to create an affiliate program, encouraging other educational professionals to promote your courses in exchange for a commission. It helps you reach new audiences and increase revenue. Webinars are an excellent way to share your knowledge live with a broader audience. Metaforma allows you to organize and automate webinars, allowing you to interact live with your students while recording sessions for later viewing. Lastly, SMS marketing is an instant communication tool to reach your members. With Metaforma, you can send SMS messages to announce new courses, special offers, or important reminders, maintaining seamless communication.

API and customization

With Digiforma, you can choose custom fields to collect specific information allied to your business or clients. It allows you to personalize your registration forms, gather crucial details, and gain a better understanding of your students. The API options of GraphQL & Zapier enable you to connect Digiforma with other tools you use. You can create automated workflows through Zapier, offering additional flexibility to establish more intricate connections between your applications and Digiforma using the custom GraphQL API. Digiforma allows you to easily export the necessary elements to obtain certifications, simplifying compliance and facilitating collaboration with relevant organizations.


Metaforma's pricing varies based on your organization's size and specific needs. It's advisable to directly contact our team to obtain a customized quote and advice tailored to your structure. Regarding Digiforma, the platform offers various monthly plans ranging from $99 excluding taxes per month to $699 excluding taxes per month. It also provides a custom-tailored offer with unlimited access to features. Opting for an annual subscription can save you up to 15% on the total price.


the future of training finally in your hands


Finally, choosing between the two platforms will hinge on your business management needs. If you require a comprehensive training management solution with content creation services and marketing tools, Metaforma might be the better option.

However, if you seek a solution focused on the administrative and financial management of your training activities, Digiforma can better suit your needs. Conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements and objectives before making your decision. Feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance. Your software needs may vary depending on your growth perspective. In France today, there are over 75,000 training companies. It's time to make a difference by enhancing the quality of your management!