Guides vs. MetaForma: Choosing the best marketing platform

Today, we'll be comparing the environments of and Metaforma. Each platform offers a set of functionalities to streamline your business operations, from setting up sales funnels to handling accounting and expanding your contacts. However, they also differentiate themselves through their specific features. In this article, we'll talk about the key characteristics and advantages of these two platforms, aiming to assist you in determining which one best suits your needs. Ultimately, you can form your own opinion based on the information provided.

Metaforma: The complete solution for training professionals

Metaforma is a platform exclusively designed for training professionals, aiming to simplify their daily operations through hundreds of functions. It offers dedicated software for creating online courses, generating educational content, customizing learning experiences, developing multi-format training materials (video, audio, etc.), personalized member spaces, and much more. Here are its key features:

Administrative follow-up and document management

From establishing your training plan to storing administrative documents in a secure online space and individually reaching out to each learner through automated SMS notifications, Metaforma encompasses all the necessary functions for effective monitoring and close engagement with your learners. Document management is integral, including document digitalization, simplified document identification, efficient document sharing, workflow optimization, security measures, and document recording and archiving.

Learning assessment

Unlike, Metaforma offers assessment software. Throughout the learners' journey, it evaluates how the programs are ensued. It facilitates the optimization and improvement of your business outcomes.

EDOF export

EDOF is the space designated for training organizations to populate their catalog of actions eligible for CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation). Through our EDOF export tool, you can export selected programs in EDOF format to directly reference them on the CPF application, enriching your catalog with just one click.

Diploma generation

As mentioned in several blog articles, we offer a BFP Guide service to assist you in declaring your activities. We provide step-by-step guidance to complete your educational and financial reports.

Educational and financial report

We offer a BFP Guide service to assist you in declaring your activities. We guide you step by step in completing your educational and financial reports, ensuring their compliance.

Electronic signature

Among our features, we offer electronic signature software to spare you from extra paperwork. From sales to contract signing, everything happens electronically no need for printing, scanning, emailing back and forth, or even physically traveling. You can conclude your sales with just a few clicks. The documents are legally valid, ensuring a seamless process.

Online quotation, invoicing, and payment

With our platform, you can swiftly generate professional quotes. Once your products are sold, you can write customized invoices and allow customers to settle their payments online. This secure payment feature provides a seamless experience for your clients while simplifying financial management for you. With Metaforma, everything is integrated for streamlined business management.


Metaforma streamlines the management of your accounting by integrating it into the platform. Easily monitor your revenues and expenses and generate detailed financial reports of your company's financial health. No more juggling complex spreadsheets or relying on third-party accounting software; everything you need is accessible on a single page.

Sales tunnels

With its integrated sales funnel system, you can design, automate, and track the conversion journey from prospects to customers. Create appealing landing pages, set up sequences of automated emails, and monitor lead behavior to optimize your offers and improve your conversion rate. Metaforma streamlines the entire process of your sales funnels, from lead capture to online payments, allowing you to maximize your sales. Within Metaforma, you can manage your entire sales funnel for a seamless and efficient experience.


Thanks to its integrated CRM system, you can easily manage interactions with students, trainers, and partners. Track contacts, handle crucial information, automate repetitive tasks, and personalize your communications to enhance client relationships. Metaforma's CRM helps centralize your data, providing more responsive service and building lasting relationships—essential for your

Website design

If website creation isn’t your forte, worry not! We offer a ready-to-use service that needs personalization according to your business needs. Designing a website will become a breeze with Metaforma's integrated service. Additionally, Metaforma includes affiliate marketing and digital signature software. The simplified all-in-one marketing solution, on the other hand, is a comprehensive marketing platform. It aims to centralize the necessary tools for creating and automating sales funnels, websites, email marketing campaigns, and more. Let's explore the features that offers:

Sales tunnels offers a tool to create capture pages, sales pages, and sales funnels to promote your products and services. Similar to Metaforma, this feature helps maximize your sales.
E-mail marketing allows you to manage your email lists, send automated campaigns, and track user interactions. You can directly monitor the journey of sent emails, track the percentage of email opens and link clicks, and personalize your contact lists based on specific themes or topics.

Website creation offers the ability to create professional websites without requiring advanced technical skills. You can quickly select ready-made templates and customize them according to your preferences.

Affiliate Program offers an affiliate program among its tools, allowing you to recruit affiliates who will sell on your behalf. It facilitates easy tracking of affiliate results, commission management, and integration of contact lists, payment pages, and membership websites. You can also publish your affiliate offers on the marketplace to reach thousands of potential partners.

Marketing automation offers marketing automation to further assist entrepreneurs in growing their online businesses. You can expand your contact list, automate email sequences, add automation rules to your sales funnels and website, and grant automatic access to your online courses.

Online training offers a simple and intuitive interface to create your online courses. You can then manage and sell them from a single page. Other functions Both and Metaforma offer a Blog with numerous articles. provides comparisons with several programs (such as LearnyBox or SendinBlue) and offers a Marketplace.

What about rates?
Metaforma, you can save at least $610 per month compared to using separate software. For instance, a sales funnel tool starts at $97/month, and a traffic analysis tool begins at $250/month. As for, the platform offers various monthly or annual plans based on your needs. The initial subscription is gratis, while the highest-tier plan costs $97/month, providing unlimited access and a few additional features. Opting for an annual subscription will save you 30% on the total cost. Whether it's Metaforma or, the pricing for each platform varies based on the specific features offered.


the future of training finally in your hands


In conclusion, the Educational and Financial Assessment Guide is a tool essential for training organizations.

Finally, the choice between Metaforma and will depend on your industry, goals, and the specific features you require to optimize your operations. It is advisable to take the time to compare your features, consider your priorities, and choose the environment that best suits your requirements to succeed in your field. If you belong to the education sector as an institution, educator, infopreneur, coach, or therapist, our all-in-one platform Metaforma, is tailored to meet your needs. It is developed by an educator who brings together the necessary functions to manage teaching processes and personalize user learning. On the other hand, if you're a beginner-focused on marketing and need support to create sales funnels, manage email marketing campaigns, and automate your business processes, might be more suitable for you. Feel free to seek insights from those who have already been captivated by these platforms to aid your decision-making process. Finally, and Metaforma are two platforms catering to specific requirements and designed to assist your daily business operations.